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Picture of the Cathedral

Any visitors approaching Palma by sea cannot help but be impressed, even astonished, by the graceful Gothic cathedral as it gradually emerges into view.

Its upward-reaching lines seem to rise endless as the boat gets nearer, until they merge into its protective shield of palm trees in front, the old quarter houses behind it, and the colorful fishing boats and their undulating reflection in the calm waters of the bay.

The Seo, as it is called here, was build on the site of a preexisting Arab mosque. One night in 1229, as Jaime I was on his way to recapture Majorca, his fleet was struck by a terrible storm. He vowed the and there to the Virgin Mary that if he survived nature´s fury, he would erect a church in her honor. And after the storm had blown over, finding himself safe and sound, he immediately undertook the project. It was a vow that was to take an inordinate amount of time to fulfill. begun in 1230, the cathedral was finished in 1601. 

Made from golden limestone from the Santanyi quarries and designed in the French Gothic style, the cathedral is 121 meter long and 55 meter wide. The main body of the church is set in the middle of a mass of pillars and spires, behind which lies the strong buttress reinforced with a double row of flying arches. The bell tower, still unfinished today, is 52 meter high with three ogive-arched stories. It holds nine bells, the most famous of which is the N´Eloi: 2 meter in diameter, it weighs more than 5.700 kilo.

The main facade, which overlooks the Almudaina Palace, fell off during the 1851 earthquake and was later completely reconstructed - that is, with the exception of the Renaissance-era door by M. Verger which miraculously emerged unscathed. Hotel in Mallorca


The "Treasury" is another "must" of the cathedral. It is located in two capitular rooms dominated by a monumental churrigueresque-style door. The first room, by Guillermo Sagrera, is Gothic, while the second is baroque. Its inventory of priceless items includes an enormous gold-plated silver monstrance, which is elaborately etched in Gothic style, and two large baroque candelabras made of silver and weighing 250 kilo each. They were made at the beginning of the 18th century by silversmith Juan Matons of Barcelona on commission from a certain Juan Roig.

Today, they are estimated to be worth 10 million pesetas, but their historic and artistic value is truly beyond calculation.
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