Bagpipe fingering MIDI controller


Far from being a simple practice chanter, Master Gaita ® is a simple but powerful tool that lets to use the bagpipe fingering to get into and control the MIDI universe, and also to open new ways faced to the learning of bagpipe technique and music. When connected to a computer with its own program, you can, not only to play with any instrument's sound but also perform with traditional bagpipes' sound. This is done by using recorded and prepared samples to get a quite near reality sound. The control of the sound volume lets the performance at any time during the day without worring about posible disturbs that the bagpipe loud sound might produce.

The instrument is strongly made on a PVC tube with nine extremely sensitive tactile devices, so only the smooth contact of a finger resting on any of them is needed to activate them. A semi-rigid cable and a little plastic box make the chanter to get firm in a fixed and confortable position as if it were in its stock. A 2.5 meter long cable leaving the plastic box carries the MIDI singnals to the computer or sound module the Master Gaita is connected to.


  • Five selectable with a simple command chromatic fingerings (Galician, Asturian, Scottish, French and Extended (2.5 octaves wide).
  • Compatible with other bagpipes as Gaita de Boto, Sac de Gemecs, Xeremía, etc.
  • Any key/octave performance.
  • Independent control of drones. Tenor drone must be tuned either in first o fifth grade of the scale.
  • Four switchable sound programs with two instruments each.
  • Duete by upper or lower thirds performance.
  • Direct PC connection via joystick plug.
  • Standard MIDI connection using the supplied MIDI cable.
  • MAC or portable computer connection with a USB MIDI converter (not included).
  • Auto-shut off after two or ten (by selection) minutes of no activity.
  • No mouth or legs support needed because of its bagpipe-like held down.
  • No finger moisting needed to activate sensors.
  • Nine volts battery or external power supply.
  • Supplied with a complete user manual and real bagpipe samples.

Use posibilities:

  • MIDI or audio format hard disk performance or improvisations recording for further edition, study, etc.
  • Score editing programs recording.
  • Accompaniment of other pipers' records (CD, MP3, WAV, etc.).

Answers to the frequently asked questions:

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Sound samples:

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Enclose information about your computer, operating system and sound card for any question.