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I like my MP3 files tagged and named perfectly. SmarTagger is a perl script that read a text file with the album info and use it to write the MP3 tags and rename the files according to a format string.

Quick, I want to try the script.

I want more info...

The origin of the problem is people that don't save the MP3 tags o choose bad names (like track01.mp3 and so) for their songs.
In addition, there is a lack of good interfaces to modify all the MP3 tags of an album at once. I want to get the files renamed too.
To avoid typing I wrote this script. I copy-paste the album info from a music web (like,, whatever source) and write a very easy text plain file.
Then I run the script that will match the info in the file with the MP3 filename. When a match is found I save the tags (album, artist, year,etc.) and rename the file accordingly to the format string of your configuration.

The requirements



After the tgz download says:

cd /path/to/your/local/installs
gzip -dc SmarTagger-0.1.tgz | tar -xvf -

You can include the directory in your PATH:

export PATH=${PATH}:`pwd`/SmarTagger-0.1

Or make a link from a directory that was already in your PATH:

ln -s `pwd`/SmarTagger-0.1/SmarTagger-0.1 ~/sbin/SmarTagger

Tested Platforms

I've tested the script under:
-Irix 6.5 + Perl 5.0
-Windows NT 4.0 + ActivePerl Build 519 (Perl 5.0)
-Linux Red Hat 6.0 + Perl 5.0

Your configuration will be welcome, even if it fails!!

Execution example

Go to your ugly MP3 folder.
If you are afraid of losing your files save it first to a temporary directory:

tar -cf /tmp/I_dont_rely_in_SmarTagger.tar *.mp3

Run the script for help and choose your options: [details]

SmarTagger --help

We can check the config file: [screenshot]

SmarTagger --config

Okay, we can apply the changes: [screenshot]

SmarTagger --tag --ren

Now you can check the result.
The file names are as expected and the tags too [screenshot]

SmarTagger --print

Or use a MP3 player, like winamp to see the tags [screenshot].


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-Improve the matching mechanism
-Spanish documentation.
-Test in other platforms

contact me at