pornotube-dl: Download videos from

What is it?

pornotube-dl is a small command-line program to download videos from, based on the code of youtube-dl. Hence, it has the same requirements and features, and its syntax is very similar. The latest version is 2008.06.03. It's also licensed under the MIT License.

As with youtube-dl, I'll try to keep it updated if changes the way you access their videos, but the same circumstances apply. My contact information is at

Usage instructions

In Windows, once you have installed the Python interpreter, save the program with the .py extension and put it somewhere in the PATH. Follow the guide to install youtube-dl under Windows XP, as the instructions for pornotube-dl are identical.

In Unix, download it, give it execution permission and copy it to one of the PATH directories (typically, /usr/local/bin).

After that, you should be able to call it from the command line as pornotube-dl or I will use pornotube-dl in the following examples. Usage instructions are easy. Use pornotube-dl followed by a video URL. Example: pornotube-dl "". The video will be saved to the file foobar.flv in that example. As videos are in Flash Video format, their extension should be flv.

If you try to run the program and you receive an error message containing the keyword SyntaxError near the end, it means your Python interpreter is too old.

More usage tips

Download it

Note that if you directly click on these hyperlinks, your web browser will most likely display the program contents. It's usually better to right-click on it and choose the appropriate option, normally called Save Target As or Save Link As, depending on the web browser you are using.